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柚子Yooz 2代(電子煙機)(Zero 2)(柚子)






柚子Yooz 2代(電子煙機)(Zero 2)(柚子)

Yooz 2代有3種指示燈方便我們留意煙機情況

  • 紅色指示燈:紅色指示燈通常表示電子煙的電量非常低,需要及時充電。這是提醒用戶應該將電子煙連接到充電器進行充電。
  • 白色指示燈:如果Yooz 2代的指示燈呈白色,實際上表示可能出現了故障或其他問題。這時候,用戶可能需要檢查電子煙是否正常,或者聯繫售后服務進行維修。
  • 綠色指示燈:綠色指示燈的亮起通常表示電子煙處於正常工作狀態,可以安全使用。

Yooz 2nd generation (electronic cigarette machine) (Zero 2) (Yozu)

Yooz 2 generation has 3 indicator lights to help us keep an eye on the condition of the hood

Red indicator light: The red indicator light usually indicates that the battery of the e-cigarette is very low and needs to be charged in time. This is a reminder that users should connect the e-cigarette to the charger for charging.

White indicator light: If the Yooz 2 generation indicator light is white, it actually indicates that there may be a malfunction or other problem. At this time, the user may need to check whether the e-cigarette is normal or contact after-sales service for repair.

Green indicator light: The green indicator light usually indicates that the e-cigarette is in normal working condition and can be used safely.

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