Moho 一代電子煙 煙機 (大煙量) | Relx 一代煙彈通用 (3.8v)






  1. RELX一代通用機:這款煙機兼容RELX一代的煙彈,這意味著您可以使用RELX一代煙彈來裝置這台煙機,享受不同的口味選擇。
  2. 大煙機:Vapemoho煙機設計為大煙量,提供更豐富的煙霧和口味體驗。對於那些喜歡更濃郁煙霧的吸煙者來說,這是一個理想的選擇。
  3. 高效電池:煙機搭載了高效的電池,這意味著您可以在充飽電的情況下長時間使用,而不必擔心電量不足的問題。這增加了煙機的使用便捷性。
  4. Type C充電:設備支援Type C充電,這種充電方式具有快速充電的特點,使您能夠迅速恢復煙機的電量,以便繼續使用。
  5. 設計優雅:通常情況下,Vapemoho煙機具有設計優雅的外觀,方便攜帶,適合日常使用。它們的外觀通常設計簡潔,符合現代美學標準。


MOHO 1代電子煙機
💙藍燈 :30-70%電量
Vapemoho cigarette machine (large cigarette machine) (RELX generation general machine) (auxiliary factory) (7 colors) (MOHO)   The Vapemoho cigarette machine is an efficient, large-volume electronic cigarette device with the following features: RELX generation universal machine: This cigarette machine is compatible with RELX generation cigarette cartridges, which means you can use RELX generation cigarette cartridges to install this cigarette machine and enjoy different flavor options. Large smoke machine: The Vapemoho smoke machine is designed to produce a large smoke volume, providing a richer smoke and flavor experience. This is an ideal choice for smokers who prefer a richer smoke. High-efficiency battery: The hood is equipped with a high-efficiency battery, which means you can use it for a long time when fully charged without worrying about insufficient power. This increases the ease of use of the hood. Type C charging: The device supports Type C charging. This charging method has the characteristics of fast charging, allowing you to quickly restore the power of the hood for continued use. Elegant design: Generally, Vapemoho smoke machines have an elegantly designed appearance, which is easy to carry and suitable for daily use. Their appearance is usually designed to be simple and in line with modern aesthetic standards.

Product Specifications:

Battery capacity: 380mah
Dimensions: 90x20x12mm
Weight: 18g
Output power: 7.5w
Charging time: 30mins

深藍色, 粉金色, 紅黑色, 藍白色, 藍綠色, 金色, 閃電紫, 黑色

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