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悅刻靈點 (relx 三代)(RELX)(三代)(靈點)(悅刻)

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悅刻靈點(Relx 三代):智能電子煙的新時代

悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)是電子煙領域中一個引人矚目的創新產品,它融合了智能科技,為吸煙者提供了一種全新的吸煙體驗。本文將重點介紹悅刻靈點的智能功能,並突出其多種口味選擇以及低漏油概率。


悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)的一大亮點是首次加入了藍牙連接APP功能。這一功能使得使用者可以通過手機APP實時獲取與電子煙相關的數據,包括換彈口味、吸食次數、使用時間等等參數。這種數據的即時記錄和分析,有點類似於健身手環或手錶能夠監測運動時的心率、動作和運動量等。這種數據追蹤不僅讓使用者對自己的吸煙習慣有更清晰的了解,也為戒煙或控制吸煙量提供了寶貴的信息。


悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)還具備兒童鎖功能,通過Relx APP的一鍵操作,使用者可以鎖定電子煙,切斷通電功能,以防止未成年人使用電子煙。這一功能顯示了悅刻對於產品安全和防止未成年人吸煙的高度關注,進一步提高了電子煙的安全性。


在吸煙體驗方面,悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)的口感被描述為較為接近二代阿爾法,屬於細膩解析類。這意味著使用者可以更清晰地感受到煙彈口味的層次和風味,這是對於喜愛口感細緻的吸煙者而言的一大優勢。同時,悅刻靈點再次強化了防漏油結構,增加到四層,並引用了二代阿爾法的防冷凝壁掛式結構。這意味著使用者可以更放心地使用電子煙,不必擔心煙彈漏油的問題。


悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)也擁有多種吸引人的口味選擇,以迎合不同的口味喜好。這些口味不僅豐富多樣,還充滿創意,為吸煙者帶來了更多的選擇:

  • 沙沙綠豆冰
  • 香烤一號煙
  • 黑冰薄荷
  • 紅玉西瓜冰
  • 鮮百香綠茶
  • 水果茶
  • 熱帶黃金芒
  • 二廠老冰棍



悅刻靈點(Relx 三代)代表了智能電子煙的新時代,它結合了智能科技、安全性和多樣的口味選擇,為吸煙者提供了優越的吸煙體驗。無論是追求智能監測的使用者,還是注重口感細膩解析的吸煙者,悅刻靈點都能滿足他們的需求,開創了電子煙的全新領域。


Relx Lingdian (Relx third generation): a new era of smart e-cigarettes
Relx (third generation) is an eye-catching innovative product in the field of electronic cigarettes. It integrates smart technology and provides smokers with a brand new smoking experience. This article will focus on RELX Lingdian’s smart features and highlight its multiple flavor options and low oil leakage probability.

Smart connection APP function
One of the highlights of Relx (third generation) is the addition of Bluetooth connection APP function for the first time. This function allows users to obtain e-cigarette related data in real time through the mobile APP, including parameters such as changing flavors, number of puffs, usage time, etc. This kind of real-time recording and analysis of data is somewhat similar to the ability of a fitness bracelet or watch to monitor heart rate, movements, and amount of exercise during exercise. This kind of data tracking not only allows users to have a clearer understanding of their smoking habits, but also provides valuable information for quitting smoking or controlling the amount of smoking.

Child lock function
Relx Lingdian (Relx third generation) also has a child lock function. Through one-click operation of the Relx APP, users can lock the e-cigarette and cut off the power function to prevent minors from using e-cigarettes. This function shows RELX’s high attention to product safety and preventing minors from smoking, further improving the safety of e-cigarettes.

Delicate taste analysis
In terms of smoking experience, the taste of Relx (third generation) is described as being closer to the second generation Alpha and belongs to the delicate and analytical category. This means that users can more clearly feel the layers and flavors of the cartridge, which is a big advantage for smokers who like a delicate taste. At the same time, RELX Lingdian once again strengthened the oil leakage-proof structure, increasing it to four layers, and introduced the second-generation Alpha’s anti-condensation wall-mounted structure. This means that users can use e-cigarettes with greater confidence and do not have to worry about cartridge leakage.

Various flavors to choose from
Relx Lingdian (Relx third generation) also has a variety of attractive flavor options to cater to different taste preferences. These flavors are not only rich and diverse, but also full of creativity, giving smokers more choices:

Shasha mung bean ice
Xiangbao No. 1 tobacco
black ice mint
Ruby Watermelon Ice
Fresh Passion Green Tea
fruit tea
tropical golden awn
Second factory old popsicle
The diversity of these flavors allows smokers to constantly try new flavors to meet different taste needs and make the smoking experience more colorful.


Relx third generation represents a new era of smart e-cigarettes. It combines smart technology, safety and diverse flavor options to provide smokers with a superior smoking experience. Whether they are users pursuing intelligent monitoring or smokers focusing on delicate taste analysis, RELX Lingdian can meet their needs and create a new field of e-cigarettes.

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