1. 二合一設計:RELX腰袋通常具有二合一設計,可以容納一台RELX電子煙主機和一些電子煙煙彈。這使得您可以將您的電子煙設備和煙彈集中存放在一個地方,方便攜帶和取用。
  2. 有效保護:腰袋的主要功能之一是提供有效的保護。它可以防止灰塵、污垢和其他外部元素進入腰袋內部,從而確保您的RELX設備保持清潔和安全。此外,腰袋通常具有緩衝材料,可以減輕意外撞擊對設備的損害。
  3. 方便攜帶:RELX腰袋通常配備了一條可調節的腰帶或肩帶,這使得您可以將腰袋掛在腰間或肩上,輕鬆攜帶您的電子煙設備。這種方便攜帶的設計特別適合那些經常在外出時使用電子煙的人。
  4. 多功能:有些RELX腰袋還設計有多個口袋,可以存放額外的電子煙煙彈、USB充電線、小工具等配件。這使得您可以隨時隨地備有所需的東西。
  5. 設計風格:RELX腰袋通常採用時尚和簡約的設計,以迎合不同消費者的品味。您可以根據自己的喜好選擇不同的腰袋款式和顏色。


Relx  通用配件
適用煙機:RELX一代煙機 Relx四代煙機 Relx五代煙機 Lux一代煙機Moho煙機 維克煙機 Mega煙機 Troy特洛伊煙機
適用煙彈:RELX一代煙彈 Relx四代煙彈 Lux一代煙彈 JMG煙彈 King煙彈 Lana煙彈 Pino煙彈 歡喜煙彈 Moho煙彈 與樂煙彈


腰袋用了皮革設計 令防塵的效果加強 而外款設有鐵勾 可以勾在背囊 褲等地方  攜帶方便

RELX waist bag (accessories) (waist bag) (2-in-1)

The RELX waist bag is an accessory specially designed to protect your RELX e-cigarette or related products and make it more convenient to carry. Here are some features and benefits about the RELX waist bag:

Two-in-one design: RELX waist bags usually have a two-in-one design that can accommodate a RELX electronic cigarette host and some electronic cigarette cartridges. This allows you to store your vaping equipment and cartridges in one place for easy portability and access.

Effective Protection: One of the main functions of a waist bag is to provide effective protection. It prevents dust, dirt, and other external elements from getting inside the belt bag, ensuring your RELX equipment stays clean and safe. In addition, waist bags often have cushioning materials that can reduce damage to your equipment from accidental impacts.

Convenient to carry: RELX waist bags are usually equipped with an adjustable waist belt or shoulder strap, which allows you to hang the waist bag on your waist or shoulder to easily carry your e-cigarette device. This convenient and portable design is especially suitable for those who often use e-cigarettes on the go.

Multifunctional: Some RELX waist bags are also designed with multiple pockets that can store additional e-cigarette cartridges, USB charging cables, gadgets and other accessories. This allows you to always have what you need whenever you need it.

Design style: RELX waist bags usually adopt fashionable and simple designs to cater to the tastes of different consumers. You can choose different waist bag styles and colors according to your preference.

Relx Universal Accessories
Product name: Two boxes and one waist bag
Applicable hoods: RELX generation hoods, Relx 4th generation hoods, Relx 5th generation hoods, Lux generation hoods, Moho hoods, Vic hoods, Mega hoods, Troy hoods
Applicable pods: RELX generation pods Relx 4th generation pods Lux generation pods JMG pods King pods Lana pods Pino pods Huanxi pods Moho pods and Le pods
blue grey black
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The waist bag is designed with leather to enhance the dustproof effect, and the outer model is equipped with iron hooks, which can be hooked to backpacks, pants, etc., making it easy to carry

黑色, 灰色, 藍色

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